SCD SuperHeroes

Spotlight SCD Superhero: Allie!

If you’re interested in being an SCD Superhero, shoot me an email at and I will gladly post your story.  Note that the only criteria to be an SCD superhero is if you had the superhero guts to try SCD for a respectable amount of time.  Am always interested in all stories- even unsuccessful ones- and would love to share your information with other IBD-ers, and hear how you’re coping.



Allie is an SCD Superhero for a lot of different reasons, mainly:

– Young, brave, positive, and utterly fearless

– Part of an AWESOME Facebook Group called SCD Support Group

– Has an amazing blog full of DELICIOUS RECIPES

Click here to read Allie’s story, and be sure to visit her blog if you’re interested in a good SCD story, or just want to learn about some crazy tasty nomz that you can cook in a jif.

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