Week 16-17: 12/25 thru 01/07

After 17 Weeks On the Diet…

  • Had slight levels of inflammation this week (only 2 points above the “normal range threshold”, but NO symptoms.  Very weird!
  • In NO pain. At all.
  • FINALLY tapered off all the drugs!  TOTALLY MED FREE as of week 17! Woohoooo!

Was I bummed that I had slightly higher levels of inflammation than normal?  Absolutely.  I got really stressed and started worrying that sans-prednisone, or any type of maintenance drugs, that I was headed toward flare-of-a-lifetime-ZOMG-we-gotta-remove-your-colon disaster, like Dr. Kesh said would happen.

But then I really thought about it and realized that even if my inflammation was up a tad more than normal, I had NO pain.  1-2 BMs a day, most of which were normal, with a token few loosies.

During my first flare at Week 6, my sedimentation rate was only a point higher than what it was this week (23 6 weeks ago, 22 this week), but back then, I was in pain. Had stomach cramps and worried about when I’d have to go to the bathroom.  Now, after almost 5 months on the diet, I don’t have ANY of those symptoms.

So I am being extremely cautious and paying close attention to everything I consume, the way I feel after each meal, and how much stress I have going on in my life.  I hope that my body can find normalcy again after the prednisone.

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