Week 15: 12/18 thru 12/24

After 15 Weeks On the Diet…

Spent most of the week functioning at 80%- toward the end of the week, it was more 85%.

Hate talking about BMs, but they’re important. Week started off cloudy, but the clouds were gone toward the end.

Feel pretty good- but still taking is extremely slow.

I gained a pound (prob cuz I’ve been less active)- but THAT’S GOOD- it means I’m absorbing food again, yay

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  1. Sarah Bosse
    01/22/2012 at 5:03 am

    I understand what you mean when you say you’re not yet ready to work out yet. I had 3 days when I felt great after treating my SIBO with very strong antibiotics, and I really did feel GREAT for me! Unfortunately, the SIBO came back after day 3 and it was back to the old grind. Anyways, I’m seeing lots of improvement on SCD, but I know I haven’t quite hit my “Feel Good Zone” yet. But when it comes, I’ll know and be ready! 😀 We sure do learn to listen to our bodies, don’t we?! Good luck!!!

    Gutsy Girl

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