What Is All This

Thanks for stopping by my experiment, folks.  My name is Jo and I have Crohn’s disease.  I have missed weeks of works from cramping, lost tons of weight from failure to keep in nutrients, and have taken a drug called Humira that I developed antibodies to and landed myself in the hospital with dangerous fever levels, about a year after it put me in remission from my disease.

When I was in multiple hospitals during the week of labor day, with LITERALLY 20 doctors throughout the course of the week poking and prodding my belly, the end resolution from one of the top GIs in Chicago was to go on a drug called Remicade, very similar to the one that landed me in the hospital in the first place that was ineffective after putting me in remission in a year.

I remember being sick in the hospital, in a total daze, as all the lab coats told me that they were setting me up for Remicade.  Throughout the week, my family and I explored a bunch of different options– going back to Humira, doing Remicade, Imuran, other immunosuppressants– but then my sister came across a little cult of people that were die-hard “SCD-ers.”  SCD meaning, the specific carbohydrate diet.  It starves out bad bacteria and introduces probiotics to fight it.  It is a diet that has been researched for over 100 years and has a dedicated following.

What was the breaking point for me was when I was had received my dinner as the doctors were in my room, preparing paperwork for the Remicade infusion.  The first hospital I was at was VERY good about what I should eat– gave me gelatin, and lactose and gluten free meals, acknowledging that’s all my weak, inflammed colon could tolerate .  The second hospital, a big, respected hospital, claimed to have a nutritionist, and yet, they fed me processed turkey with tons of gravy, mashed potatoes, and I’m not kidding- A BROWNIE.

As the plate rolled in the room, the senior doctor told me to “eat whatever I wanted.”  I told him that this wasn’t good food for me.  He said after taking Remicade, I could eat anything, no problem.

So- I risk developing more antibodies and infection to take Remicade, PLUS increase chances of lymphoma and other lethal disease, just so I can eat brownies?

No way, man. I refuse. I want to settle down and have kids one day with my husband.  I don’t want to have to schedule my life around infusions of mouse protein in my body every two months, and take off work to do it. I  want to continue be a successful business analyst.  I want to my life without drugs.  So why not try SCD?

I told the lab coats I didn’t want the infusion.  I went home the next morning, and they made me sign a waiver.

The experiment: Sick Jo tapers off her medication and rocks the SCD.  I’ll be completely honest if it works, and completely honest if it doesn’t.

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  1. 10/10/2011 at 10:06 pm

    You are so beautiful in your pictures!!!

  2. Rebecca
    10/18/2011 at 1:37 am

    Wow! Love your blog and your story! Love that you are objectively measuring progress and sharing it! While it is TRAGICALLY SAD that YOU have to be the one to figure out your own plan, measure your own progress, and pioneer your own treatment…I am so proud of you and confident that you will succeed!
    I am a nurse who used to think mainstream med was the first place to go for health issues. A year ago my now 18 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s and that perspective has changed. She got the same, “eat what you want, diet doesn’t matter, take these steriods or you WILL get worse!” advice. She has been on SCD for a year and is “ok”…not “gastro perfect” and she is still looking for the holistic answers to her health issues. She knows stress is a huge factor. She is also on LDN…have you checked into that yet?
    I have learned so much from others who are ahead of us in this “journey” (<–popular word for figuring out how to get well). I am happy to share any info I might with you!
    In any case, I will be rooting for you! and will follow your progress!

  3. S Samson
    11/07/2011 at 2:30 pm

    Good on you for this, I’m in a similar position as you… sick of getting told to take very powerful (and dangerous) drugs that have a strong chance of causing other problems and a slim chance of actually working the way you are told there ment too.
    I’d heard enough when I found out the drug I was on was actually for kidney/liver transplant paitients (cant remember which) and it had a side effect in someone once that it relieved their IBS….. eh hello! does that make any sense???
    Well anyway I have recently been using Aloe Vera tablets and they seem ok so far, however some people will tell you they cause mucus and others are selling it online as a wonder cure. But after over 15 years of doctors not having a clue the confussion of Aloe Vera is no surprise to me.

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