Week 1: 09/08 thru 09/15/11

Synopsis: My inflammation is down and I’m not anemic any more, meaning my body is absorbing food.  My inflammation went down 17% this week, and my C Reactive Protein level has improved to a normal range.  Tapering off the prednisone, but have been on 40 mgs all week, along with 2 other antibiotics.

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  1. 10/20/2011 at 10:37 pm

    Jo – I’m not sure how much juice you are drinking, but for me, it can cause cramping. I don’t drink juice at all. ONCE IN A WHILE (weeks and weeks apart) I will have four to six ounces of homemade smoothie. If you experience any negative effects with juice, yet still crave it, try diluting it and pouring it over lots of crushed ice.

    Also, I experimented with a lot almond flour baked goods and had to give them up because (a) they were addicting! and (b) they gave me diarrhea. Even now, five years into the diet, I have to be very careful with slivered almonds. I had to give up peanut butter and peanuts, too.

    The most non-irritating nut (and non-addicting, doesn’t provoke cravings) that I eat is the brazil nut. I will eat a max of one ounce per day, and usually with a banana.

    I’m glad the avocados make your belly feel good b/c they can be tricky for me, too. They have to be truly ripe and not smell ‘green’ at all in order for me to feel good.

    If you want dessert, try a piece of cheese with a thin schmear of butter and honey… instant cheesecake! And baked, skinned apples with cinnamon.

    Good luck!!! Persistence is the key to everything! It’s taken me this long to really control myself when I go ‘off’ (once a week, one meal w/a dessert), so never give up! Things get easier and you get better.

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