The Starting Baseline

So below are my notes as to my condition in the height of a Crohn’s flare up in the hospital.

In short, I felt like crap.  Humira stopped working and kicked my ass full of antibodies.  When the docs were pressuring me to go the Remicade route (which I know works for a lot of people) I was worried that another TnF blocker could land me back in the hospital in another 8 months with another infection.

My blood work is indication of EXTREME inflammation, with Humira serving as totally ineffective, despite the double dosages I was taking.  This is where I was at when I started the experiment and what factors drove me to decide giving the SCD a shot.

Click here to see Week 1 Results

  1. Kathy
    11/18/2011 at 12:06 am

    Great site! My son and family are SCD’rs…just curious why aren’t you tracking cal-protectin results? Hoping for continued success on SCD for you and all!! Have fun in LV!

    • 11/20/2011 at 4:34 am

      Haven’t been tracking calprotectin levels because I haven’t had the need to be taking regular stool samples, given how successful the diet has been thus far. Prior to starting, my calprotectin level was over 3500. My GI at the time said it was the single highest level he had ever seen, and his words verbatim: “Wow. You have one flamin’ colon. I hope you’re ok, ma’am.” I want to get a colonscopy after month 3 and see officially how the old colon is healing. I will remember to track my calprotectin level at that time as well. :0)

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