Week 4: 09/30 thru 10/06/11

Had loose stoolies this week, and was surprised to learn that my inflammation actually went down.  Turns out that the docs put me back on a week of antibiotics, one of which called “Levaflaxon” that’s been known to cause “the big D.”  The inflammation is going down- my sedimentation rate is at a normal level after only 1 month of SCD, showing a NORMAL level of inflammation!  Mind you, 4 weeks ago, my sedimentation rate was 60, and now I’m at 15, folks. Still not REGULAR yet, but my BMs are only 1-2 x a day, as opposed to 5 plus. Am getting there.

All in all, this is my 1 month anniversary on SCD and I am feeling FANTASTIC.  After 1 month, I went from 40 mgs of prednisone down to 15.  My camel hump is disappearing, and my moon face going down.  I CAN ACTUALLY STAND UP IN MY SISTER’S WEDDING THIS SATURDAY WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT FAINTING OR HAVING TO POOP MY PANTS OR HAVING A BIG FAT FACE! I can’t believe that after 2 years of Crohn’s, I will be fully tapered off meds and I’m feeling as strong as I am. Stoked.

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