Sex and the Suburbs

12/28/2011 1 comment

I had a “Sex and the Suburbs” moment yesterday- and by “Sex in the Suburbs,” I mean a “Sex and the City” moment, except I happened to be in the suburbs at the time.

Setting the Scene: A group of buddies and me wedding dress shopping all day, for my best friend’s upcoming nupitals.

The Actual Scene: Dinner at Weber Grill.  Friends were eating classic delish bar food.  Burgers, pizza, onion rings, fries- stuff I used to eat when I was out for a pig out day with the girls.  I, however, had grilled chicken breast and avocado on my plate.

“Girl talk” ensued– the whole “how am I going to fit in my dress” was a direct result of that.  In between bits of avocado and grilled chicken, I preachily told the group that the Specific Carb Diet would make them leaner than anything else they would try, because everything is low fat and natural- and even almond-baked goods were chock-ful of natural energy.

End result: My buddies, in an attempt to get in shape and squeeze into their dresses in the summer, were totally pumped to try the Specific Carb Diet 🙂 And they don’t even have IBD.

After spending all of Christmas explaining why I was on this diet, which resulted in annoying sympathetic looks (i.e., my older cousin, who is a “bad ass” biker dude in his 40s, actually almost started bawling out of sympathy for me, lol) it felt good being on a “trendy” diet.  Felt totally “with it”– like Kim Katrall, only way younger and less creepy.

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Zomg. So happy.

12/26/2011 2 comments

I beat the 3 month flare.

Almost 4 months on SCD, and this is the closest to remission since my initial diagnosis of Crohn’s disease.

I defied 9 lab coats and opted to try the diet before they blasted Remicade-mouse-proteins in my system.  They all told me I would fail.

4 months later, I am as successful as can be.

Yes, there are always going to be hiccups, but that’s with ANY course of treatment, and let’s not forget- Remicade’s success rate sure isn’t ANYWHERE close to 100%.  I’ve had more people tell me that Remicade doesn’t work, as opposed to the Specific Carb Diet.  And let’s not get into what Humira did for me…. I developed immunity after 8 months and got the worst flare my GI has ever seen, while dealing with a life-threatening infection caused by… you guessed it… Humira.  And prednisone and its “moonface” can kiss my butt.

I got my Christmas miracle- control over my disease, with no medication.

I beat the battle over McFlare this time, but I have learned, in treating my IBD, that one can never get too cocky.  My war for “remission” has not yet been won.  Still have to be real meticulous, and cautious.  But I’m so close I can taste it, and it tastes like sweet almond-flour pastries.

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3 month flare is over, and I have results to prove it.

12/24/2011 1 comment

After 15 weeks on the Specific Carb Diet…

  • My inflammation is down 35% from last week’s 3 month flare results, and I didn’t even have to increase my prednisone! I’m only at 5mgs now- which is NOTHING, and am weening down to 2.5 this week and will be totally off the week after.
  • I have normal inflammation level again, which means Mr. 3 Month Flare should be on his way out the door after a 2 week visit.
  • NOT exercising (as in doing yoga and strength training). Still walk about a mile or two a day during the weekdays, which seems to help the condition. Though my inflammation is normal, my body is saying “I’m not ready to exercise yet, Jo” and I’m listening to it.
  • I’m virtually med-free, and regulated. This is my Christmas miracle!!

I was REALLY scared around this time- in dealing with the 3 month flare and tapering off of the prednisone. I’m being 100% serious when I say this- ALL I wanted for Christmas was to feel healthy. And now it’s Christmas Eve, and I do– after two weeks of small flare. It feels pretty awesome to keep beating the odds with hard work, diligence, and hella-will power. lol!

Happy holidays to all! This Cinderella has a good story to close out the 2011 year. 🙂 ❤

(Click to enlarge)

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Why I haven’t posted in a while…

12/23/2011 3 comments

Because I’ve been trying to keep stress down, and the stress of work and the holiday season is enough to take its toll on me.  Stress + 3 month flare = not good stuff.

You’ll be happy to know that despite the flare, I’m still tapering down on the preds and am on BARELY any- a measly 2.5 mgs a day.  By next week, I’ll be totally drugless- the first time in 2 years!!!!

Also, flare is getting better.  Will post results soon when I get ’em.  Gave blood today and my white blood cell count is normal again, whew! I have had less pain and have been, erhm, more solid again.  This flare has gone on for 2 weeks, but it really hasn’t been that bad to deal with.  Just a lil less energy than usual.

Here’s what I WILL say though. I’m on the lowest dosage of medication EVER, since my first diagnosis with Crohn’s.  And I’m doing great.  As of next week, I’ll be med free, which is a HUGE, HUGE milestone.

All I want for Christmas is to be healthy.  Seriously. And I really think I’m getting there.  Happy holidays to all!

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A Day in the Life

12/18/2011 3 comments

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Still 3 month flarin’

12/17/2011 2 comments

It’s been 3 months, 1 week, and 2 days from this very day that I started the Specific Carb Diet.  And on the exact day of month 3, I started the 3 month flare.

Here’s what I’m feeling:

– Minor discomfort in the morning

– Loose BMs, but still regulated

– Way less energy

– Am running at 80%


Got my bloodwork taken today and I guarantee that my inflammation is up.  Plus, I lost another pound.  Not too thrilled about weighing 106 pounds.

The flare started last week, on the 3 month anniversary of the SCD.  Had major discomfort and pain.  Then, it was completely gone.  Feeling as relieved as I was, I did a pretty intensive workout that consisted of 50 pushups, 50 burpees, 50 lunges, 100 squats, and 15 minutes of ab exercises.  Haven’t been the same since, Stupid Jo.  Some people have weakness when it comes to food.  I guess my weakness is REALLY liking working out and it’s sooo hard not to push myself, when I’m used to pushing myself.  This is something I REALLY have to work on.

After I gave my bod a few days of rest with NO working out, but still getting exercise by walking 1-2 miles of walking that I do every day to get to and from work, I am definitely feeling better.  I will post my latest results on Monday, but I can tell you with 1000000% certainty, I know those results ain’t gonna be good news- although I’m curious to see exactly how hard this Evil McFlare character is hitting me.  Bah Humbug!

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3 Month Flare- Danger Averted!

12/13/2011 3 comments

So I got results from where my “3 month flare” started- and my inflammation is up very minimally, and I‘m still well within normal ranges.  Also, as the days progress, I’m feeling consistently better. I’m pretty much tapered off the prednisone, and am only at 5mgs.  Have come a long way, from when I was blasted with around 60mgs around 3 months ago.  Will post results soon, and you can see for yourself.

What I noticed about the 3 month flare:

  • It came on the EXACT 3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY ON THE Specific Carb Diet!  I am not the first person this happened to either- reading on forums, it came on exactly 3 months- like clockwork- for other people too!  So weird!
  • Felt symptoms, but they weren’t too bad. VERY tolerable.  Didn’t even get pain- just minor discomfort, at best.
  • Didn’t go back to the starter diet, because I didn’t need to.  Feel like I weathered the storm pretty well.

All in all, I feel great.  Inflammation was up so minimally that I don’t even constitute the “3 month flare” as a legitimate flare, as my lab results are still all normal.

So, thumbs up.  Things are going good in the land of SCD experimentation.

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