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The Odds are Against Me, But I’m Rockin the SCD Anyway

09/26/0201 3 comments

I told my doc, one of the top GIs in Chicago, that I wanted to explore SCD.  His response: chances of a major flare up just relying on a diet solely are 70% and that the next one could be so huge that I may have to remove my colon.

Knowing that success is likely NOT on my side- I am still resolving to DO this SCD diet, and I’m going to make it work.   I’m SICK of the flares, sick of the pain, sick of the poop, sick of getting shot up with Humira, sick of the thought of spending hours in the hospital getting mouse-proteins injected into my bloodstream with Remicade.

And so Saturday, September 8, 2011 is when I decided to drop the drugs, and use my anger to dive head-first into SCD in one last, desperate attempt to save my precious, inflamed colon without pumping it full of crazy meds.

I have been working with 3 other doctors at a different hospital that are supporting my approach (1 family medicine, 1 infectious disease specialist, and 1 GI) to monitor my bloodwork, stool samples, and subsequent colonscopies.  I will provide the results on a weekly basis indefinitely to see, through close monitoring, if it works or not.  I’m talking my actual blood test results: what they mean, and the progress of my inflammation.

The purpose of this site is to chronicle my experience. I’m going to be meticulous about this, folks.   There are so many unknowns when it comes to treating Crohn’s or UC, and there’s never a “right or wrong” answer as to how to treat it.  I’m sincerely hoping my experience with the SCD experiment will help you make your own decisions when deciding how to best treat your Crohn’s or UC.

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