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His and Her Breasts

01/05/2012 1 comment

And by breasts, I mean, chicken breasts.

Me and the husband had some good eats tonight, all Specific Carb Diet friendly.  My portion was just a tad smaller, lolz.


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The Johanna Banana

10/13/2011 1 comment

You need a quick snack, stat.  So you grab a banana, cut it up in pieces, throw some honey and cinnamon on there, and voila- you have yourself a “Johanna banana.”  About 150 calories of vitamins, potassium, and energy.  Had it with my eggs this morning, and now I’m a-rarin to go for the day and feel like a million bucks.  Plus, the tummy is content.  I ❤ this diet

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Cinnamon Banana Muffs: 200 calories of awesome energy.

10/12/2011 1 comment

Let’s not sugar coat it guys.  SCD is a healthy diet, but if you eat too much of the breads or muffins, you’re consuming a lot of calories from the almond flour.  1 cup of almond flour has 640 calories- and when you add in the butters and honeys, you could easily make a muffin in your batch that’s about 300-400 calories in some of those recipes out there.

I like to eat my carbs in lighter doses (and plus it tastes better to me).  So here’s the DELICIOUS recipe that’s way easy to prep and make, for 200 calories mostly from almond flour- which is good for energy: especially if you’re active like me!

Just to let you know that I ain’t lyin’, my non-SCD husband wolfs these down like nobody’s business. This means a lot, given that he’s picky, and I’m normally a terrible cook.  Victory!

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