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Sex and the Suburbs

I had a “Sex and the Suburbs” moment yesterday- and by “Sex in the Suburbs,” I mean a “Sex and the City” moment, except I happened to be in the suburbs at the time.

Setting the Scene: A group of buddies and me wedding dress shopping all day, for my best friend’s upcoming nupitals.

The Actual Scene: Dinner at Weber Grill.  Friends were eating classic delish bar food.  Burgers, pizza, onion rings, fries- stuff I used to eat when I was out for a pig out day with the girls.  I, however, had grilled chicken breast and avocado on my plate.

“Girl talk” ensued– the whole “how am I going to fit in my dress” was a direct result of that.  In between bits of avocado and grilled chicken, I preachily told the group that the Specific Carb Diet would make them leaner than anything else they would try, because everything is low fat and natural- and even almond-baked goods were chock-ful of natural energy.

End result: My buddies, in an attempt to get in shape and squeeze into their dresses in the summer, were totally pumped to try the Specific Carb Diet 🙂 And they don’t even have IBD.

After spending all of Christmas explaining why I was on this diet, which resulted in annoying sympathetic looks (i.e., my older cousin, who is a “bad ass” biker dude in his 40s, actually almost started bawling out of sympathy for me, lol) it felt good being on a “trendy” diet.  Felt totally “with it”– like Kim Katrall, only way younger and less creepy.

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  1. 12/29/2011 at 10:02 pm

    I personally think it’s more the lack of heavy carbs, like bread, that makes most people loose weight on SCD or Paleo. They should check out Paleo books and blogs if their focus is more weight loss. It’s nearly identical to SCD but without emphasis on fermented dairy.

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