Per my buddies, Jordan and Steve.  And they’re right.  Having IBD SUUUCKS.

Just completed Week 3 of Steve and Jordan’s advanced SCD course, which talks about how not to be a total social outcast when you’re on the Specific Carb Diet.

That includes how to overcome the total awkwardness of ordering out, ie, dealing with the whole:  “Can you make sure that the chicken is not marinated?  No sauce?  Can you cook it with a LITTLE bit of olive oil and season it ONLY with salt and pepper?  OH and instead of potatoes, can you give me a side of avocado and steamed veggies?  K thanks.”


Your buddies resolve to go to a bar… but you can’t drink alcohol.  How do you deal with watching your friends get plastered while you stand by soberly and watch?


You’re traveling somewhere.  You stuff your carry-on with bananas and avocados.  You go out of your way to a supermarket and spend time on your vacay cookin.


A)     You deal with it, and take it in stride, like I’ve been doing, and are happy you’re out watching your buddies get tanked and thankful that you’re healthy and are at the bar instead of the hospital, or

B)      You take Jordan and Steve’s Week 3 advanced SCD course, smile and nod and say “OH I did it this way already” and / or “Oooo, that’s a good idea. I’ll try that approach next time.”

C)      You shrivel up and cry.

I choose options A and B.  What do you choose?

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