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Giving Week 12 Blood Today!

And am feeling really good about it, after having some reservations about Week 12 for a few weeks now.  Here’s why.

  • In Week 6, I had tapered down from 15 to 10 miligrams of prednisone and I had a hiccup that I was luckily able to figure out by Week 7.  So naturally, I was scared when I re-approached the 10 miligram milestone this week.
  • Before I started SCD, I was at 40 miligrams of prednisone, and had HORRIBLE stomach cramps, consistently.  Also, last year, I was on 60 miligrams of prednisone for 4 months without adhering to the diet, and had “the Big D” the entire 4 month period, going an average of 5-10x a day. My Crohn’s was NOT regulated.
  • By Sunday, I’ll be at 7.5 miligrams.  And after almost 3 months on the diet, I feel WAY better now approaching 7.5 mgs than I did at 60 mgs.  NO stomach cramps.  NO discomfort. NO pain in the morning.  Poop is a perfect 4 on the Bristol scale.  This is how I know, with certainty, that this diet is working.

It’s really amazing.  The little moon face and camel hump from the low doses of predz I was on are disappearing.  I have NO stomach pain, EVER.  I feel amazing!!!

I can go into Week 12’s bloodwork and confidently tell you with certainty that my colon’s inflammation levels are completely normal right now.  But I’ll post the results when I get em on Monday and let those prove it themselves :D.

Happy Saturday to me, and Happy Crohn’s Awareness Week to All!!!

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  1. apa
    12/03/2011 at 5:50 pm

    Amazing….ur a real soldier! Haven’t cheated once….talk about doggedly stubborn! 🙂 bravo!

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