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Week 1 of Advanced SCD Course Complete.

Now, I can celebrate by going to Las Vegas tomorrow! I will not drink, but I WILL gamble. Blackjack all weekend, baby. And Cirque shows galore!

This will be my first time traveling on SCD- and am pretty optimistic all will go well. Got a ton of bananas and avocados for the plane ride and hotel! And thanks to the folks over at Comfy Tummy, I don’t feel so bad- this nifty little article, talks about how and what to eat in Vegas.

Stoked. This should be awesome.

Anyway, back ON tangent: I started an “advanced SCD class” given by my new buddies, Jordan and Steve, over at SCD Lifestyle. I mulled through this week’s content and to be honest, I wish I could’ve had this information from the get-go. As a seasoned veteran of Week 9 on the SCD, there were things in the presentation that I already knew that I learned “the hard way” by listening to the ol’ bod (ie, don’t rush into almond flour dishes or peanut butter) but there were also a lot of things I did NOT know. Like, how I can tell I’m in the “Feel Good Zone” and start introducing new foods. Or, how to see if I have fat malabsorbtion problems. Or, how taking enzymes can benefit my condition, and how to take them. Or, how to analyze my poops and poop patterns, and determining what they mean.

If you want to try the SCD diet and you have IBD, I’d recommend giving Jordan and Steve a shout. AThey have a ton of great information for dedicated SC-Dieters.

Final set of news: I will not be taking blood tests this week (for Week 10) because I’mmmmm gonnnnnaaaa beeeee innnn Veggggasssss woot woot! You can count on results for Week 11 though.

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