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DOCTOR FAIL PAGE IS UP- & I Encourage You to Add to It!

Here are all my “Doctor Fails” throughout the course of treating my Crohns, or Colitis, or whatever the hell it is I have. I’m sure some of you will read them and recall your own experiences in retrospect, like “Huh. Yeah. That’s what they told me too.”

The objective is to document all these #doctorfails, and others out there, and post em here, so that others dealing with IBD can tell their doctors their concerns should any of the following situations be prevalent to their respective condition.

If you have a story of an epic doctor fail, email me at jothecrohn@gmail.com , or click here and add your own #doctorfails in the comments section.

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  1. 10/25/2011 at 4:42 pm

    Well, I thought I had, on my own blog, my epic “doctor fail” story about when I was first diagnosed by a GI at a VERY WELL known teaching hospital here, and thought I could just cut and paste. Guess not….

    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s by this GI doctor. The first step he took was great….blood tests to confirm inflammation via the CRP and SED rates being elevated. The second step he did was to put me on a 10 day round of Flagyl. This is a serious antibiotic, which gave me a great “hairy tongue”, brain fuzzy’s, and worst of all, made the GI symptoms much worse. I went on it trusting what he said….that sometimes the gut bacteria needs to be “reset” by killing everything off. Now I realize…..DUMB MOVE!!!! I think those antibiotics tipped the scale with the Crohn’s and put it into a full scale flare. So, after the Flagyl failed, we did a Coloconoscopy, and surprise!!! It showed a large part of my large intestine was seriously inflamed. Three days later the doctor called me with the “official” news and was ready to put me on Entocort and Imuran. I, however, was not set that I wanted to go the major medical way, so held off. Thankfully, I never went that route. We sat down with him a week after the colonoscopy to go over our options. He pushed all the drugs, and gave me the song and dance that diet and natural things would probably not work, but said I could give it a try. When we told me that the major drugs don’t work for everyone, I thought to myself….”then why not give this alternative treatment a try???” He looked at us with pity and unbelief when we said we were going to try the natural way. He gave me 6 months to try it, and then wanted me on the major drugs. He was even pushing me to go on Remicade, as the first step, even though my symptoms was almost nil!!! Well, the rest, as they say, is history. I found a Naturopath, started on his treatment protocol, and 1 year after diagnosis had another colonoscipy that showed NO inflammation. Hmmmm……epic fail of a major doctor with “Drug” blinders on!

    I do have the stories of my path through Naturopathy, detailed appointment by appointment. My entire journey is on my blog, http://www.newfoundsun.wordpress.com , if anyone wants to see where I’ve come from. 🙂

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