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Calling all SCD SuperHeros!

I’m going to add a new page on here called “SCD Super Heroes” where I’d like to put blurbs of other Specific Carbohydrate Diet experiences that are totally objective- both successful, and unsuccessful.  Email me your story and how you tried SCD to battle out the storm– I will post it with a link to your blog!  (Sending a picture is also recommended, but optional)

I ask is that you be brutally honest with any experience you choose to share.  I support the SCD in full and love the way it makes me feel- but I want all my information to be 100% real, even if it could potentially “hurt” the SCD name.

There are very few formal medical studies on the affects of SCD (although I know Rush University has started conducting some studies on it).  In the interim, I’d like to have a forum where we can all share our own honest experiences with how we use it to treat our irritable bowel diseases, whichever ones they may be.

Jo “The Crohn”

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  1. 10/17/2011 at 11:57 pm

    I started this but the next thing I knew, I had almost 1000 words, and I still wasn’t done. Apparently I need an editor.

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